I’m a native British speaker who has been learning  English  since I was 3 years old. I have a TOEFL paper score of 620 and an IELTS score of 8,I grew up in Morocco and studied French for 15 years, and I would like to help you translate anything from English to French  or the opposit.

I will translate any text 400 words  in less than 48 hours, for the first  $5.  


Translation will be done professionally and manually (Never trusted those translation apps anyway). I always proofread the translation before delivery to the client.

For Excel, PDF,XML, HTML, strings, SEO keywords and PHP documents, the cost is 300 words per 1 gig because translating those types of documents takes more time and effort.

For non-text documents, like images and scans of documents, the price then depends on the complexity of the document so please contact me first.

All documents and personal information absolutely confidential!